Product identity manager

HiMarking is a combination of high+marking, derived from Hi-Tech High-Tech Fair, HiFi Hi-Fi, etc., meaning high-level, high-tech, high-end product marking methods and technologies.

The logo uses the “H” and “I” two-letter variants to form a “Hi” shape, which is a kind and friendly greeting to customers around the world. The unique design of the “HI” graphic is based on China’s engraved seal pattern, which is transformed into a pattern that has both modern science and technology without losing Chinese characteristics. It is intriguing. The logo embodies the company’s core business is to mark the product, it can be used as an icon alone, or combined to express the full meaning. Using red as the standard color of the company, it creates a vigorous and energetic HiMarking company with tenacious struggle, aggressive spirit and sunshine service enthusiasm.