Brand promotion is not only as simple as popularity

By 2019/08/06 brand promotion
1. Hole through and restore the essence of the brand

The most basic point of brand promotion is to promote the essence of the brand through promotion, so that users can understand the brand value and positioning in general. Regarding the connotation positioning and brand value, from the perspective of market situation, only the customer’s value aspiration tendency should be carefully interpreted, and the adaptive adjustment of the brand value combination and appeal is the prerequisite for permanent customer loyalty. For example, Jingdong, the brand positioning is the mall; while Taobao, brand positioning is the market. If you want to make the market into a mall, it will only increase the doubts and troubles of users, and all have Tmall.

2. Finding directions through data analysis and research

To really do brand promotion, it is not enough to only understand the things at the planning level. It is necessary to broaden the horizon and knowledge, and look at the problem from a higher perspective. We all hope to have a better planning plan and strategy, but this is not something that can be achieved at once. Most of the promotion plans can’t reach that height, otherwise they will be the boss. What should I do? The answer is one sentence: data analysis, data analysis, and data analysis. Study the commonality and design characteristics of the same industry brand; analyze the positioning and characteristics of your own brand, and then plan the core value of the brand from the perspective of commonality + personality. Reduce the scope through professional data analysis, and then divergently within a specific range, in order to make a good brand promotion. Although the final result is not so shocking, it is true that everyone agrees and has reputation and loyalty.

3. Pass the brand value and get everyone’s approval

Have a big picture, do a good job of analyzing the work in advance, and finally show it clearly and get everyone’s approval. The brand memory obtained by users through traditional channels or online channels is consistent and unambiguous. Promote the brand to the hearts of the people, let consumers experience, recognize, accept the brand, brand culture from the bottom of the heart, thereby improving the brand’s sales force.