Design and brand

By 2019/08/06 brand design

Why are we designing? Chasing commercial interests? Take social responsibility? Realize user needs? Still satisfied with self-obscenity? Or is it a tool to achieve a certain desire?

Design is not boring self-expression, but should create a perfect user experience and create a unique brand value. In the same vein as the chopsticks, there are Chinese horses and cheongsams. One cloth is draped over the body, leaving four holes to reach out, hands and feet. Western clothing, like a knife and fork, evolves more and more subdivided based on the needs of function. Chinese traditional horses and cheongsams have not been handed down. Perhaps cheongsam is still worn by people, but it has not become mainstream because of its elegance in certain occasions. The chopsticks have been handed down, and they are still widely used throughout Asia. Why? Because the design of chopsticks still conforms to the lifestyle and aesthetic taste of the people today, the cheongsam may still conform to the aesthetic taste of the people today, but it does not conform to the current lifestyle. The horses did not match, so they entered the museum.

In the business age, the highest realms that many brands pursue are consistent with the goals that religions need to achieve. They need brand followers who are as loyal as the believers. For the brand system in the business era, the product design and system is its core part. This is the most important brand contact point for users. It must have the brand recognition of the product. It shows the brand and other brands. The difference. The success of the design lies in creating a perfect experience for the user, shaping the brand identity of the product, creating a more reasonable lifestyle and brand connotation in the way of design, and enduring classics.